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Tap & Die Sets.  Thread Repair.   Eliminate Cross Threading.  This is where you will find innovative two piece dies designed to simplify the process of repairing damaged threads, by repairing them from the top down, or the bottom up.
Our Split Rethreading Die's are proudly manufactured here in Ohio, and our company is owned by a Veteran, who is a member of NAVOBA.  Manufactured in the USA only.  Metric Dies.  SAE Dies.
We produce these dies in S.A.E. from 1/4-20 up to 1 1/4"-18.  We also produce them in Metric from 5 mm-.80 up to 24 mm-3.00.
The dies are packaged in several different configurations, in kit form for your convenience, and we also sell the dies individually.
Please view our video which should help you understand how this tool will be useful and indispensable to your tool box.
More Dies, More Solutions
Eliminate Cross Threading
   Save Time
   Improve Productivity
Check out our Individual Split Rethreading Dies and Split Die Kits
S.A.E. Split Rethreading Die Kits
Metric Split Rethreading Die Kits

We Now have 3 new dies added to our lineup.  5mm-.80, 10mm-1.00 and 1"-8 
We also have added two new Split Rethreading Die Kits

  • Patented Tap and Die Sets
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Carbon Tool Steel
  • Heat Treated
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Eliminate Cross Threading
  • Repair threads from the bottom up, or the top down.
  • Metric Tap and Die Set
  • Inch (SAE) Dies
  • Thread Repair Kit
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